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First Facial Free is Back! ~ If you’re new to Shine, first-time clients can now book your first facial free. Choose from our Signature Hydrating, Anti-Acne or Shine Skin Health. Limited-time ~ November & December 2020 Only!

Shine Memberships: Build Your Best Skin for Only $45 per month

Shine Skin Health Studio ~ Fitness for Your Face! Our Signature Membership helps you build and maintain your best skin. It’s flexible and a great value with no contracts, and you can cancel anytime.

Shine Signature Membership ($45/mo) Pick one of these popular treatments each month: Any Shine Facial, Shine Lite & Go Peel, Mini-HydraFacial or Dermaplane.

For the Ultimate Skin Health, try our Shine Signature HydraFacial Membership ($135/mo). Includes (1) Signature HydraFacial with a Free Dermaplane ($65 value).

With each membership get 10% Off All Shine Products & Services (including Lip Flips, Laser, etc) ~ and 4 free LED sessions each month.

Meet the Shine Team: SkinCare Specialists here to help you Discover Your Shine!


Clean and hydrate your skin with our dermatologist designed medical-grade facials, crafted to build your best skin. Choose from our Hydrating, Anti-Acne or Skin Health Facials. Whether you’re battling breakouts, dry skin, fine lines, redness or just looking for that extra glow, we can’t wait to be a part of your skin story!

Our signature 30-minute facial incorporates physician-grade ingredients and botanicals designed to hydrate, detox and brighten. It’s our go-to facial for overall glow.

Add-Ons Available: Targeted Sheet Mask ($5) / CBD Mask ($15)

Gently designed for all skin types and conditions leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

This customized facial features spot treatments and targeted extractions designed to treat active acne or prevent future breakouts. Our combination of medical grade ingredients and gentle treatments help calm active acne and de-stresses the skin.

Shine’s Skin Health Facial is designed to treat and prevent fine line and wrinkles. Build and maintain your best skin with a custom facial designed for you.

New to Shine ~ The Vitamin C Facial. Tapping into the “holy grail” of skincare ingredients, our new Vitamin C facial addresses uneven  skin tone, rough texture, fine lines, acne scars, dullness ~ you can name just about any common complexion concern that Vitamin C is recommended for. 

New to Shine ~ The CBD Facial. Crafted in partnership with California-based Mowellens CBD, our newest facial incorporates four different CBD components throughout the 40 minute treatment, including CBD-boosted serums, cleansers and masks.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory and calming benefits make for the perfect facial, calming your skin and pores while creating an amazing glow. All Mowellens products are made from hemp-derived CBD, so they won’t get your high or show up on drug tests. Utilizing certified organic hemp, Mowellens products are paraben and fragrance free.

Clean Your Skin with 4 Full Steps in One 30-minute Treatment! Cleanse + Peel. Extract + Hydrate. Designed to Fuse + Protect. Includes LED Light Therapy. Each Signature HydraFacial treatment includes all 3 steps designed to gently exfoliate, resurface, remove debris from pores, nourish with moisturizers and saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to make your face glow. Available for all skin types, including active acne.

Add these specialty treatments to your Shine Signature HydraFacial

Intense Acne Treatment  +$50 (with additional manual extractions and blue light therapy)

Rosacea Light Therapy +$75 (with Rozatrol boost plus light therapy)

Medical Deluxe +$75 (with medical grade boost plus light therapy)

Medical Platinum +$125 (with medical grade boost, lymphatic skin detox and light therapy)

Lymphatic Skin Detox (reduce puffiness) +$45

HydraFacial Elements ~ Targeted for You. Extract + Hydrate from HydraFacial, plus targeted LED and Lymphatic Detox. Available for all skin types, including active acne.

Discover Your Shine with Targeted Body HydraFacial Treatments

HydraFacial Hands  – $50 (exfoliate, hydrate and soften hands)

HydraFacial Scalp – $175 (Full Scalp Treatment. Get rid of shampoo and product buildup! Perfect 3 month treatment for fuller, healthier hair.)

HydraFacial Back – $225 (Full HydraFacial with Extractions and Boosters)

HydraFacial Neck / Neckline – $100 (Full HydraFacial with Extractions and Boosters)

Shine’s 30-minute FDA-Cleared Celluma Pro LED Light Sessions.

Choose from solutions designed to treat Acne, Fine Lines & Wrinkles and Pain. Best results if treated in a series of 8 – 12 sessions over a one month period. Unlimited memberships available for All LED Therapy.

Choose Blue Light Therapy for Acne Care to kill acne-causing bacteria, decrease inflammation and improve tone and texture.

Red Light Therapy penetrates into the dermal layer to help enhance collagen and elastin production, addressing fine lines and wrinkles. Red Light Therapy is a great preventative treatment for ages 18 and up.

Near Infrared Therapy with Celluma Pro is FDA-Cleared for pain relief. It’s designed to increase tissue repair, decrease inflammation and attenuate pain.

Ideal for clients new to peels, want a lighter peel or a one-time treatment with no downtime. This peel enhances hydration, encourages cell turnover giving a brighter, smoother appearance without peeling or flaking. We utilize physician-grade all natural ingredients in our Shine & Go peels.

This maximum-strenth peel targets the visible signs of skin aging, dark spots and blemishes. You may notice visual improvement after just one peel. Depending on your skin goals, achieving your optimum result may require a series of peels.

A gentle 20-minute facial for 8 to 12 year olds. The perfect opportunity to teach skin care and sunscreen at an early age. And a great chance to join mom at Shine!

Targeted manual extractions rid the face of active acne lesions and help prevent you from trying to pop your pimples on your own (a huge no-no), which can lead to scaring and even infection.

HydraFacial is the only facial on the market that will cleanse, extract and hydrate your skin. It’s the Ultimate Clean. Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing. Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that hydrate your skin.

Botox Lip Flips, Lashes and Laser Hair Removal

Discover more for your face than facials. From Botox Lip Flips to fast, virtually pain-free Laser Hair Removal for everything from face, bikini to back, Shine offers a wide range of services to help you create the look you’ll love. All Botox treatments are administered by and under the direction of Shine’s medical director (Board-Certified Dermatologist).

Dermaplaning results in ultra-smooth, fresh, and brighter skin. By removing the dead layer and hair from the face, the skin is evened out, and it helps with cell metabolism, which helps new skin come to the surface.

Book our extremely popular Botox Lip Flip for a quick “on the go” lip enhancer. Botox gives lips a subtle pout-magnification by flipping out the lip line, rolling the lip gently outward, and giving the appearance of a fuller pout. No downtime. Treatments last 2 – 3 months. Must be 18 or older without parent permission. Administered by board-certified dermatologist.

Mini Botox Treatments are super targeted low volume doses designed to smooth fine lines and wrinkles early-on, giving a more natural, tailored look to your skin. Mini Botox is great for crows feet, gummy smile, bunny lines and eleven lines. Treatments are preventative for younger Botox users who wish to slow the formation of wrinkles. Must be 18 or older without parent permission. Administered by board-certified dermatologist.

Bunny Lines – $50

Gummy Smile – $50

Crows Feet – $150

Eleven Lines (between eye creases) – $120 – $195

Eyelash Extensions:

Classic Full Set – $140

Eyelash extensions expertly applied one extension to one natural lash to enhance length, thickness, curl and texture. Eliminate the need for mascara and wake up beautiful and confident!

Russian Volume – $160

Commonly used to achieve a thick glam look. Volume lashes can be used to add thickness and density o an aging lash line and help conceal gaps and sparse areas.

Fill Ins (every 2 weeks) – $45

Fill Ins (every 3 weeks) – $55

Lash Lift – $110

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that curls your lashes from the base to the tip for a more open and lifted look.

Waxing and Tinting

Wax (Brow, Lip or Chin) – $15  for one area

Wax + Henna Brow Tint – $45

Our ear piercings are skin friendly and specially designed to help the healing process so you can easily change to regular earrings after healing. Price includes initial pair of earrings.

Fitness fans, Evolve Tite tightens and tones abdomen, arm and leg areas to help create a finished look for those hard to sculpt areas. Treatment time 45 minutes. Available in a series of 3 or 6 treatments.

1 Evolve Treatment: $200

3-Treatment Series: $500

6-Treatment Series: $750 

Virtually Pain-Free Laser for Face, Bikini, Back, Arms and Underarms.

Quick and safe with no downtime, our virtually pain-free Soprano Ice Laser is the fastest laser hair removal treatment available in North Alabama. All skin tones and hair thickness. Schedule during work lunch or between classes. Available in series based on treatment areas.

Shine Scripts:

Fitness for Your Face

What you use matters. With medical grade skincare you won’t find in national beauty stores, our skin health experts develop personal skincare scripts utilizing medical strength products. It’s a fitness plan for your face. Like staying in shape, great skin takes consistent care. With our Scripts program, you’ll have access to experts for any questions as you follow your plan.

Shine Skin Health Memberships

Save Your Skin and Your Money Each Month! With Shine’s Signature Facial Membership, choose between one Signature Facial, Mini HydraFacial, Shine & Go Peel or Dermaplane each month. Alternate months to build your best skin.

With our HydraFacial Membership, get one discounted full Signature HydraFacial and a Free Dermaplane ($65 value)!

Discounts include 10% off all Shine products and services, including Mini Botox and Laser.

Book your monthly facial whenever it’s most convenient. Save money, and most importantly, give your skin the long term support it deserves. 

Choose one (1) monthly Shine Signature 30-minute facial, Shine & Go Peel, CBD Facial or Dermaplane and 10% discounts on all other services and products, including Mini Botox, HydraFacial and Laser.

Build your best skin with monthly physician-grade treatments designed for skin cell health and cell turnover.

Subscription does not include HydraFacial. Payments are automatically debited each month. Cancel anytime.

Our Signature HydraFacial Membership includes one (1) Signature HydraFacial (save over 30%) each month and a FREE Dermaplane, plus 10% discounts on HydraFacial Add-Ons and on all other services and products. Payments are automatically debited each month. Cancel anytime.

Medical Grade Skincare from Shine

The skincare aisle at national beauty stores and pharmacy chains can be overwhelming – filled with products with unnecessary and less than effective ingredients. Shine offers dermatologist recommended medical grade skincare you won’t find over the counter, but you will find on many “best of” lists from skincare experts.

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